June 22, 2008

HOVEY VINTAGE Comes to Life!

What fun we had yesterday!  HOVEY VINTAGE came to life on Saturday, in a simply ideal spot next to the adorable (and delicious) Bedford Cheese under a shade tree, against a lovely brick wall.  As soon as we re-stock our supplies, we'll be back! But if you have your eye on anything, drop us a line and we can arrange a pickup!  Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by!


Suzy said...

Oh!! I love this! I started collecting children's garments and didn't think to sell them until I moved away from the city. I'm not so sure these rural Wisconsinites would appreciate my 'old clothes' collection.

Linda said...

I used to collect vintage children's clothing, then I found Flora and Henri. OMG!! Fortunately they opened when I had my first. My kids grew up wearing these clothes and I have kept every piece. My daughter at 10 still loves the clothes. Vintage european style you have to see. The essentials line is just that! Sooo soft, but buy a size or two up as they will shrink a bit.