April 17, 2008

Things We Loathed: Christmas and Easter Photo Sessions

You could always guarantee a biannual fit out of Hollister.  Christmas and Easter photos were her greatest torture. There were the costumes - and yes, they were costumes - and a lot of yelling...and it gave me a free license to maul her with hugs. Every single photo of the two of us is the same -- Hollister, looking like something from American Gothic, me, looking like an elated, loveable bunny. This (which we estimate is from Easter '85) is obviously no exception.


Meredith said...

Porter, you really do look like the happiest bunny there ever was. Both of you were squeal-inducingly adorable (in the coolest way possible).

Renaissance said...

Porter, so happy to know that you're still doling out those warm, generous HUGS...!!! :-D