April 28, 2008

Things We Love: Kidfresh

Our mom was wild for birthday parties. Some weddings required less planning. Hollister, being the first child, received the most attention on this front. For first grade, mom rented out half of the famous Kansas City diner Winsteads for her '50s party; the next year, we took over the Saddle & Sirloin Club so all eight year olds could play cowboy. Despite all the effort, this one did not go well. One of the girls pulled the chair out from under a boy who'd been in a motorcycle accident (he may have actually come in a partial body cast -- these were good parties, not to be missed, even for medical emergencies), the guests all wrestled, a few girls ran around alledging that the beef jerky was dog food, everyone heckled the singer and one girl slid around on the wooden floor and managed to get a sliver in her gum (the flesh of her mouth, not her chewing gum). It's hard to say if the boys or girls were worse, but my mom decided to blame the boys and banned them from all future birthday celebrations. So, the next year, she kept things prim and proper. We took over Williams Sononma after hours so Hollister and about 10 of her girlfriends could make finger sandwiches and learn how to properly ice a cake. Each guest got a full cake for practice. Quite incredible. Those finger sandwiches were quite delish, too. Quite simple, they just involved fancy French cream cheese (in an amazing chocolate and strawberry) and bread. But cutting any sandwich into a shape makes it magical.

Kidfresh allows the kiddies to eat with similar class and fun every day. Stop into the Upper East Side flagship for a treat or even fun class! Wholefoods also carries various products.

1628 2nd Avenue (Between 84th and 85th)
New York City, 10028

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