April 23, 2008

Things We Love: A Tea Party

I've always wanted to be a lady who lunches. This feeling was initially reinforced when Hol and I went to Paris and popped into the Plaza Athénée for a spot of tea. Unfortunately, while four impossibly thin, impossibly stylish French women with their adorable babies sat across from us and lived out my dream, Hollister tried to tackle a gigantic meringue (which had unfortunately been served to her on a tiny saucer) in the most polite way possible. She failed. What is proper meringue etiquette? It certainly cannot involve a knife and fork and a small saucer. After about an hour of delicate sawing, she'd eaten nothing and appeared to be sitting atop a little pile of snow. So, the next time you're in Paris for tea, choose a crustless sandwich or a petit four. Regardless, don't take Hollister along or she'll ruin your chances of looking like a lady. If a trip to Paris isn't in your near future, tea at the Plaza Hotel in New York might do the trick, too (but again, Hollister isn't invited)!

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