May 2, 2008

Ebay Shopping: 1940s Backgammon Set

I always loved sports, but was never one for games (of the dating or board variety). I'd answer Trivial Pursuit questions, but couldn't be bothered with the dice and all those little pies. Porter inherited none of this obstinance. If she or my father came within 20 feet of a bakelite disk or a domino, a heated game would ensue. When going the backgammon route, Porter and my dad most commonly stacked their chips on an amazing brown and peach needlepointed gameboard, which, for aesthetic purposes, allowed me to appreciate the game from afar. But standing by my principles, I never had an urge to personally put it to use. This beautiful set from the '40s can be appreciated by a stick-in-the-mud aesthete as much as an actual gaming fanatic. Bids currently sit at $10. The auction ends in 2 days!

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