May 28, 2008

Things We Love: Classic, White Keds

We had a long standing Hovey ritual every August: an annual excursion to buy new white Keds (which our mom still called U.S. Keds). Like white jeans, white canvas shoes get dirty by just looking at them and it took Hurculean energy and care to avoid any early-on-in-the-school-year Keds destruction. I still remember the heartache I felt after a fateful decision to get involved in a heated game of kickball on the first day of second grade, ruining my new bright treasures for all of '85/'86. Keds the company is unfortunately missing out on the hipster frenzy over copies of the tie up below, whilst they tinker with bad soles, odd shapes and heinous, gaudy patterns. We recommend staying with the original, even if the manufacturer doesn't appreciate its past like it should. The
little baby ones go for $22.99, while the girl's and boys sizes run $24.99. Still quite a bargain if your kid promises to go no where near a kickball.

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