May 16, 2008

Artist We Love / Things We Loathe: Kent Rogowski / Puzzles

I hate puzzles. I never had the concentration or the patience to actually sit down and complete one. Of course I always tried to force pieces together that didn't fit. And by the end I was just too frustrated to continue. Obviously, Kent Rogowski is a better man than I am. His new exhibit Love = Love at the Jen Beckman Gallery sheds new light to my childhood frustration with fitting different pieces from 40 different puzzles to create beautiful landscapes with montages of flowers and skies. "Although puzzle pieces are unique and can only fit into one place within a puzzle they are interchangeable within a brand." This show runs until June 14th.

1 comment:

JAG said...

I have been thinking about using a beautiful puzzle as artwork... I think it could be a swell alternative to more expensive pieces